Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Chocolate Underground" Episodes 1 -3

The premise of this show sounded interesting - a dystopian future where the health police is in charge and bans sweets. Of course, rebels try to get hold of this coveted commodity. and episodes are 3-5 minutes in length!
The beginning was still promising - a full scale (and well animated) police raid on the dining room of a middle aged couple enjoying chocolate. After destroying their house and getting hold of the illicit substance, the policeman announces:

Sadly - from then on all goes downhill. We get acquainted with the two cookie cutter teenage male protagonist. They visit a girl that one of the guys likes, whose parents own a sweet shop and are out of business. Not to mention that valentine is coming and the girl just HAS to get chocolate.
Then the guys (whose names I'm not even going to bother with remembering) hear about a chocolate underground and want to find it.
In the third episodes we see the new substitutes to sweets people eat now:

We also discover that the black haired guy's father works has a bakery and is now allowed to make only bread. And that people are spying on each other.

This series could have been a great comedy with serious undertones, but it seems the creators opted on making it a thriller/drama, which is a format that doesn't really benefit from the 3-5 minutes episodes. You can make great series that are this short ("Chi's Sweet Home" for example), but they are usually more of a gag comedies.
Because the episodes are so short, I'm not going to drop it yet - but this show better get sweet soon.

my rating: 60/100

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